Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slow Days

Lake at Brazos Bend SP

I have so much to write, so much to say. But until I can:

1. Clean my house
2. Get into a peaceful homeschooling rhythm
3. Put a dent in some of the looming MAS projects hanging over my head
4. Help keep growmama.com alive and breathing

I will have to keep my little sparrow blog, the final frontier of freedom and creativity in my life, on the back burner. *sniff* Every time I post something, put a comment up on facebook, or send a casual reflection out on a MAS list, I get at least three people emailing or calling me, "How's it going with project x?" Translation: What are you doing writing/facebooking/contemplating when you're supposed to be working, SLAVE?

Actually, my masters are really very kind. And I work because I want to and I'm in a life stage that is by nature unavoidably chaotic. But I know one thing about myself, I NEED an outlet to thrive and give more of myself. Why do I feel guilty about it, then? Why does writing here feel like sneaking a Heath Bar when I'm supposed to be dieting?

"Stand back, you hear! I HAVE A BLOG AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!"

Otherwise, I may just decide to hide under the bedcovers and avoid all phones, emails, facebooks, public appearances, and online pizza orders: anything that would be a sign of my existence. So they don't come after me.

In the meantime, until things are a little more in order, I will post pictures and a few words here and there, to keep my few and beloved readers coming back occasionally. Just nothing deep for a while, assuming anything here was ever deep.

P.S. I just spent 15 minutes trying to get rid of the border on my picture and failed. When I could have been ironing or editing. Whaddya say to that?!


  1. I say go to customise ....fonts and colours and set you border colour to white....
    Ive just recently come across your blog and really love it.....mashallah...dont mind to wait as it should teach me sabr inshallah...take care

  2. Thank you Vala for the tip. It worked!

    And thank you even more for coming back to read and share. Jazakumullah khairan.

  3. Maha! I love your blog and check it regularly, and mashaAllah you're doing a great job with GrowMama :D Don't devalue the impact your blog has on others :)
    (You're my role model)

  4. putting your thoughts into writing helps you think more deeply, organize your thoughts and come to these amazing conclusions. at least, i think it does that to me sometimes. and then we you realize more who you are, you're able to give back more. sounds nice in theory at least, but i think it helps me. and this was pretty funny i must say. :)

  5. Thank you Marwa for your warm, encouraging comments. It is truly from the blessings of Allah if there is any positive impact on others.

    Exactly, Fatima. That's exactly how I feel. The blog is a great external processing and filing system for my brain.

  6. your blog is like fresh air for me Maha, keep it going :)