Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Lemon Tree


The quiet lemon tree in our backyard burst into yellow glory a few days ago, branches weighed down with fruit that touched the grass. We brought our largest bucket, a hose, and lots of citronella for the mosquitoes, and I sat in the grass with my camera and soaked in the colors and sounds of picking lemons on a warm autumn day. Picking, tugging, falling over backwards, tossing, laughing, washing, splashing, *accidentally* falling in the kiddie pool.


Baby crawled in and out of my lap the whole time, trying to figure out which she preferred--snuggling in the lap of a mother so rarely still or tasting the grass and licking the skin of lemons.


Picking lemons and making lemonade has been the perfect activity for the girls. They can do it all, almost, from beginning to end. While I sat, took pictures, and gave words of encouragement, they picked, washed, carried, took out the seeds, (no, they don't really need to do that step, since there is a strainer in the hand juicer, but it's fun to poke at lemons with forks), squeezed, added the water and sugar syrup, stirred, tasted, added some more water, stirred again, tasted, and then proudly poured a glass of warm lemonade for their dad.

We have so many lemons now we don't know what to do with them. Masha'allah, the shy, little tree has suddenly produced so much fruit that it has filled our kitchen and our stomachs, quenched our thirst again and again, and there's many more still left on the tree. We've made lemon shakes and lemonade. We have overflowing bucketfuls, and many more where those came from. Insha'allah we'll be making lemonade for all of our friends.

Mint lemonade, Strawberry lemonade. Brazilian lemonade. Any other requests? Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze. Stir. Sip. More sugar. Squeeze. Squeeze.


When life gives you lemons... *sigh* I was just finding some calmness in my life.

Now I have a pool of lemons.

Alhamdulillah, for the blessings we have.

If I'm going to be swamped, it might as well be lemons.


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  1. amazing photography, mashaAllah. and i love lemons, send all your extras to me! :)