Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blurred Memories


It's only been four years, and I can't remember when Moona got her first teeth, or whether she could crawl as fast as Meem can now. I watch her videos, snapshots of four years ago, and wonder how the dimpled, grinning baby became the cheerful, perceptive little girl that she is now. It has been only a few years, and already I feel those early memories swirling into a blur.

Mothers with children grown remind me to record these details, to write them down, take pictures, anything to preserve this crazy, joyous, boisterous, sloppy, sweet part of our lives. A large part of this blog has been just recording the mundane details in our daughters' lives, so insha'allah we can come back two, five, or twenty years from now and reflect upon Allah's miracles in our lives.

On a sillier note, in the last few weeks, from the mouths of my babes:

Buru: Flathatha Fulolo (thalatha-three, farawla-strawberry--yes, I prompted her to say that)

Super-sensitive Moona: It makes me sad when you look at me like that... and later: It makes me sad when you wag your finger at me like that ... later: It makes me sad when you make that face ....

For a long time, every single one of these words has been simply "Ngha" to Buru: Assalam alaikum, alhamdulillah, bismillah, masha'allah, Quran, dua, Subhanalladhi sakhara lana..., Salla allahu alaihi wa sallam. Simply "Ngha". Considering that she speaks Fusha Arabic anyway and it's all basically the same language, we were amazed at her ability to distinguish between what is derived from the Islamic shariah and what was just bid'ah. :)

Moona: (standing at the door before entering the bathroom, speaking in a loud voice to make sure the devil will hear, adding her own flourishes to the dua) Allahuma. Bismillah. Audhu billahi min ash-shaitan ar-rajeem. Ya rabbi. Audhu bika min al-khubuthi wal khaba'ith... Ij'al ash-shaitan ba'eeeeeeeeed jiddan. (My Lord. Bismillah. I seek refuge from the shaitan. O Lord. I seek refuge from the unclean spirits. Keep the shaitaan faaaaaaaar away.)

Moona: Yoopsies. ('whoops')

And my favorite, Buru's totally original nickname for her baby sister: Toota Lallah. I think that's a keeper!

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