Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Answerer

When I was single and a student, I would gobble up books and audio series, taking vigorous notes and racing through them so I could go on to the next. Today as a homeschooling mom and homemaker with little time to listen or read and less time to take notes, I listen while I'm exercising or read a few carefully selected pages here and there. And then let it swim around in my head and eventually settle.

Every once in a while, I come across a thought or a paragraph that gives me a new lens to view the world with. Everything is sharper, cleaner, softer, or brighter. Lately, I've been living with Allah's names, letting them unfold in my awareness and give new meaning to every prayer and moment.

One of the names of Allah (swt) is Al-Mujeeb, The Answerer. How fortunate and blessed we are to be servants of The One who called Himself Al-Mujeeb. Imagine if, in order for our supplications to be heard, we had to do certain rituals, climb high on a mountain, make wudu, or go through an intercessor. Instead, we only have to let out the innermost whisper and we are heard by Al-Mujeeb. Allah chose that attribute for Himself.

Not only that, but He also made it one of the highest acts of worship to ask for what we need! We are commanded to ask, every day, for the little, insignificant things and the seemingly impossible. "Ask me, and I will answer..." (40:60)

Radeetu billahi rabban! Truly, I am pleased with Allah as a Lord!

And then I heard this, and my relationship with supplication suddenly bloomed as it never had before. Allah would never inspire us to utter a supplication unless He will answer it in the most perfect and satisfying way. Because He is al-Mujeeb, The Answerer. It would never, ever do for a servant to raise her hands in supplication and for Al-Mujeeb to not answer. So, from the very first moment that we are inspired to make dua, we can know with utter certainty that it will be answered.

Sometimes, the answer comes in a form we didn't expect but with time we realize it is the perfect answer. Sometimes, the answer will be beyond what we had ever hoped. Sometimes, it will be saved for a day when we would despair of salvation and would trade ANYTHING for one more deed, and then Al-Mujeeb will finally answer our supplication that had gone unanswered in this life. And sometimes, the answer is delayed, just so that we can continue growing closer to Our Creator a little longer, needing Him, crying to Him, calling upon Him, finding solace in knowing that He is listening and will most surely answer.


  1. Maha, what are you listening to, or reading? Probably in arabic...?

  2. Mostly Arabic, BUT I found an absolutely beautiful series in English that I haven't been able to stop listening to. An excellent series, not well known at all.
    OK, not going tell you what it is, because that's going to be my baby gift to you insha'allah! Something for you to do in the long hours of nursing ahead insha'allah. :)

  3. aww, thanks, something to look forward to :) I happened to find a series on the Names of Allah on Amr Khaled's website...