Saturday, August 15, 2009

What are you going to do this year?

So the question has been asked, many, many times. What are we going to do with Moona this year? Buru? They're the age that we need to think about schooling options.

I usually don't want to get into long discussions, so I tell them that Moona is only four, and that she'll be home for another year. But the truth is, I think I'm going to homeschool my kids, but am so unsure of that decision that I really don't want to discuss it with people yet!

I am really convinced that for me and my kids, homeschooling is one of the best options we have. Yes, I am scared that I won't have the discipline to teach them well. Yes, I am scared that my kids won't be socialized enough. Yes, I am scared that they won't be comfortable in their own homeland. Yes, I am scared that they won't become the du'aat -callers to Allah- that I so hope they become. Yes, I am scared that I will do it all wrong and mess up their brains. Yes, I know about all of the things that can go wrong-they keep me awake at night. But there are a lot of things that insha'allah, if Allah helps me, can go so right.

So after lots of dua and istikhara and consultation with my husband, I think it is the best road for us. So here is announcing to the world, "My kids are not going to school. I'm going to try to facilitate the best iman- and quran-based education I can at home."

And now that I've said it, I better get my act together.

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