Sunday, August 16, 2009



Things are different with baby Meem. I'm not so anxious that she grows up quickly so she can walk, talk, and turn the world upside down. I'm not as eager to teach her things as I am to have her head resting on my chest, cherish the feeling of her breathing on me.

The little things she does, the toes in the mouth, the wide-eyed look of utter wonderment when she finds a scrap of paper on the carpet, the soft grunts of contentment after she is full--I want to remember them. All of a sudden, I've gone all sentimental. I don't know if this will be my last baby, but there's probably not going to be too many more (if Allah wills).

So when I'm not completely overwhelmed, I am savoring this one, drinking her up.


  1. btw, love the title mA and the design. :)creativity is a blessing mA.

  2. so touching :) i love her to pieces mashaAllah!

  3. amazing photo, she's beautiful mashaAllah.